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2013-11-10 08:36 pm

Icons and Wallpapers

So I made some stuff.  Probably the first time in years.  New fandom + Returning AMAZINGNESS (aka Rose Tyler) will do that I guess.

HIMYM | Teen Wolf | Rose/Billie Piper | FOTC
himym-barney and robin celebrate-silver_venus42himym-barney and robin-silver_venus42TW-Lydia-silver_venus42TW-Lydia alternate-silver_venus42
dw-rose alternate-silver_venus42dw-rose-silver_venus42iamthebadwolf-silver_venus42iamthebadwolf2-silver_venus42
actor-Billie white-silver_venus42fotc-silver_venus42

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2013-10-30 09:08 pm
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So...Late to the party?

I remember when Dreamwidth was first a thing but never really got involved. Well, I figure now's as good a time as any!

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2009-01-04 11:05 am
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TV Couple Poll

Over the past week, I've been doing a survey on who people consider the most memorable TV couples in history. And because of the holidays, I realized that I hadn't posted it here yet.[Poll #1325241][Poll #1325241]
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2007-03-15 08:19 am
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(Show To-Do-List)

I decided to make a list of shows I need to watch and have watched recently (as in since the fall).

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2007-03-14 10:30 am
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AFI's 100 Year's 100 Movies

I'm DOIN IT! ) 
Total: 13/100 

Edit:  As of 09/08/10, I've still only watched thirteen movies.  I suck.
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2006-09-24 01:17 pm
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Friends Only


I've decided to go Friends Only for no other reason then I want to keep my personal thoughts to myself and the people of my choosing. 

If you are just here for my icons/wallpapers/videos, head over to [info]stakedgumption, my artsy journal.

If you want to friend me, just comment here and I will see if we are compatible (Which, we probably would be.  I'm really not that picky).